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Introduction Of English Paper

English is one of the top most languages in the world. English is the mother tongue in many countries. English paper is a most common paper for all competitive exam.

Without having a good command over English language can make your chances very less to survive in this competitive world. If you really scared from English then get prepared to fight with your fear and if you are proud for the marks scored till 10th or 12th then its time to face your terror.

What to Prepare?
  • Vocabulary Questions ( homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, word formation etc.)
  • Comprehension Questions deriving conclusion, theme detection, passage completion.
  • Grammar Portion – Spelling, sentence , set of rules active passive voice, indirect direct speech.
  • Articles
  • Preposition
  • Phrases and idioms
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Spotting Error Questions
  • One Word Substitution
  • Fill in the Blanks etc.

Tips for Grammar Preparation

This includes questions like error detection, sentence correction, spellings test and sentence arrangement or para jumbles.
This is one of the areas where most of you lack conceptual clarity. Primary reason for this is the difference between written English and spoken English.

Develop good command over the fundamentals of grammar and make notes while preparing. This will help you in sentence correction or phrase replacement and spotting the error questions.

Grammar can be improved only through practice. Learning the basic rules and practicing sentences of your own by checking it through Internet or some other means is one way to improve your Grammar.

Spotting errors is very difficult in the exam because it’s not easy to remember all the grammatical rules but when you are into serious reading habits you will intuitively know that there is some error in this part of sentence.

Tips for Vocabulary Preparation

Students asked this query much time that how to prepare English dictionary? For this section, you must have some reading habits like English newspapers, magazines, books, etc. it will also increase your overall general knowledge around the world.

Use other sources also like watch English channels, news, movies, etc. listen carefully and also practice with lots of questions related to vocabulary section that proper use of words to enhance your knowledge for this section.

Tips for Comprehension Skills

To be able to score good marks in comprehension, vocabulary should be strong. If you don’t have a good vocabulary, try to build one, you can also try to relate the meaning of tough words in terms of the sentence and paragraph given to help you understand the comprehension. Here are some tips that must be remembered by the students to improve compression skills. Tips are provided below for your ease and convenience.

For the better answer of these type questions, you should have good command on vocabulary because if you can understand the meaning you not able to respond to the questions correctly. Now I tell you some useful tips to improve comprehension skills.

  • Read Paragraph carefully 2 – 3 times and try to understand what it is saying.
  • You also note down important points of para.
  • Now Read questions correctly examiner tries to confuse you by many ways
  • Double check your answer before completed.

Tips for Spelling Mistakes and Sentence formation

Spelling Mistakes leave the great impact in the preparation of English for any competitive exam. A wrong spelling can change the complete meaning of sentence. You need to be sure that whatever you write.

Sentence formation is an important aspect, while writing the descriptive test of any exam, as all your opinion and ideas can only be put forward easily if have the ability to form a sentence in a right way.

Tips for Spotting the Errors Questions
  • The most difficult type of question.
  • In these questions a sentence will be given broken into three underlined phrases, which constitutes option a,b and c. The last option d is ‘No error'.
  • One has to check whether there is any error in one of these three phrases.
  • There may be an error of preposition, subject-verb agreement , verbs and tenses or basic grammar.
  • Since not many questions are asked on this type so don’t invest large time in this.

Tips for Selecting words
  • It is similar to  fill in the blanks.
  • One has to fill the given blanks with appropriate words given in options.
  • Mostly these words are prepositions, pronouns and verbs, so the grammar application of aspirant is tested.

Tips For Synonyms/Antonyms
  • Nobody has an idea which word would appear in exam,  so do not  memories any word meaning.
  • Read English newspaper, take 4-5 words (which are used very often but meaning is unknown) everyday, find their meaning and apply them.
  • This is the only method to memories new words.

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