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Written Exam Preparation Tips

Dear candidates, if you are going to do preparation for written exam of any competitive exam or entrance exam or applying to get any job, then you are came to right mode. We have some important tips for every applicants. Apply these tips and get success in your life definitely.

These days, an almost organization whether it is government or private intends to take entrance tests / written test to elect candidates for many reasons like for promoting them for higher class or for a post in a company. Applicants who are going for any of the competitive or interview examination they have to prepare well for it. So even if you’re a school or college student or preparing for a job entrance phase then also check out these  Tips/Tricks, Shortcut Method Of Study For Written Exam.

How  to Prepare English For Competitive Exams Tips
Reasoning Preparation Tips/Tricks
How to prepare General Knowledge Tips/Tricks
How to Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams Tips/Tricks
How To Reduce Negative Marking In Exams Tips/Tricks 


1.Start from the basics: I have repeated it ever since always start from the basics. Besides reasoning is a very interesting subject. It will increase your thinking ability. And when you start from basic you do not get confused on the latter stages. 


The candidates must study from latest and update study materiel. The preparation books must cover the latest exam pattern and exam syllabus. Preparation books play a major role in any candidate success. Unsolved papers play an important role in written exam.

Arihant- This book is great as it will help you learn from the very beginning, and when you progress with time it will help you gain confidence. This book has lot of examples and tests too. Though the book is big but it is the best in market.

R.S Aggarwal: This book is also very famous. It’s has good study material and examples too but there are few pass worthy errors.

Kiran publication: I have not personally read this book but I have heard that it is a good one

3. Study according to syllabus: If you are a beginner then Please! Do not waste your time on reading and preparing the entire book because that’s not even going to be in exam.

4. Marking system: Every topic has different weightage so if you are in a hurry, start preparing from the topics which have more cookies attached to them- Sitting arrangement (linear , circular) , Puzzle, coding decoding and other

5. Previous year exams papers: After you have completed most of your syllabus or even not you should solve previous year question paper, it will not only help you practice but also increase your ability to solve the paper.

6. Mock test: I have said a number of times for any computer aided test attempting mock tests is must. By taking mock test you will get the feel of real examination hall, your time management will improve, you will get the result as soon as you submit the test its 21st century come who won’t use this beautiful creation. Respect to the person who so ever made it.

7. Keep revising: Do not make the mistake of leaving preparation as soon as you are done with the syllabus, because this type of exam is above syllabus and same pattern we are used to follow till graduation. This exam is all about hard-work and practice.

  •       TIME MANAGEMENT: The probability of success increases for every individual when studying with a perfect and best suited time table. You should divide your day in some partitions and fix a time for study the different subjects.
  •      Correct Division of time: As you are aware the time limit in preliminary examination mere 60 minutes. So start with 
  •     English - maximum time 15 minutes
  •     REASONING- maximum time 20 minutes 
  •     Maths- 25 minutes or the remaining time

NOTE- you can change the series of subject in accordance to your priority but this has to be the time division you keep in mind at the exam time. 

  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME:Normally what we have seen is that student waste too much time on one question, even if they have prepared well for the exam due to limitation of time they lag behind by a number or two. Please it is a request do not repeat this mistake. Go for the question if it strikes in your mind in the 1st go, do not read it again and again. 
  • Mark for review: So here is a solution for your 99.9999999% surety answer just mark the up for review. In this way if you get time in the end you can review the question and the if you are 100% sure you can go for it (but normally you don’t get) 

  • Negative marking: By now you must have got used to with this poison NEGATIVE 0.25. This poison can land you in serious trouble if you carelessly mark your answer so be-awake while marking.

  • Concentrate: Yes! Concentrate while you are in examination hall. I know you have a lot of thoughts in your mind while you are taking the test- like when will it get over, I have to leave early go for shopping then, go for movie yah yah, but please don’t distract yourself it is once in a life time opportunity because every year it is going to get tougher and tougher. Better now than late.
8) Expert Supervision: Expert supervision is essential for any exam preparation, along with the expert guidance students must solve previous year papers and do some difficult test papers also.

In the Exam

Follow the common sense rules that have gotten you through other exams:
  • Arrive at the testing location early enough so that you can get relaxed before the start of the test. But don’t arrive so early that you have time to become anxious
  • Do not bring family or friends to the examination site. Space is arranged only for applicants and the monitoring staff
  • You are not permitted to bring books, manuals, notes or pads into the test room.
  • Calculators and watches with memory capability, electronic paging devices, recording or filming devices, radios, computers, cellular phones, and other mechanical and electronic devices are not permitted in the test room
  • Be sure to bring two sharpened No. 2 pencils with you.
  • Be sure to read and follow the instructions given in your scheduling letter about what you need to bring to the test site.
  •  If you should bring any additional materials with you, such as a calculator, a pen, etc., this will be mentioned in your scheduling let
  •  Be sure to bring your scheduling letter and a photo ID that includes your signature with you. 

After the Exam

If you fail the exam, make an honest assessment of your weak areas and prepare to try again!

Most departments have procedures for appealing the results of an exam. If you believe that your exam has been graded incorrectly, compose a thoughtful, concise, and non-belligerent summary of what you believe the error to be. Don't ``nickel and dime'' the graders, disputing every point. Concentrate on errors that you can document in textbooks or by other objective means.

These tips will surely help you.

All the best 

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