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How To Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams in order to sharpen your mathematics skills. Applicants with good numerical abilities and Arithmetic can easily score good and secure better scores in mathematics. It is a subject which is all about understanding the concept to solve a problem and applying it to solve the very same problems given in various phases.

But, the most challenging job can be easy on with these Tips & Tricks on How to Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams. It requires a hard work and lots of practice to get success. 

Maths is called as a hard subject because it involves large number of formulas. Guys, if you are one among those candidates who find difficultly in cracking this math section than this page is created and provide is for your convenience.

Following are the few key points that will help you in the best preparation of Maths exam:-

Proper Time Management
Proper Time Management is also very much important. You should give due importance to the hard topics which requires the main focus. Take a 5 minute break after every 45 minutes so that you do not get bored of your study material and gain the required energy to continue studying.

Make A List of Formulae
It is mandatory for all applicants to note down the all formulas for Math’s preparation tips for competitive exam and list the most important one used in different question papers. first thing which you make sure that you memorize all the formulas accurately because all questions and their solutions are depends on the formula. Practicing them in different problems always helps to crack them.

Practice & More Practice
As you simply can’t learn or study appropriately with by only and only reading and cramming. To study practice hard and solve some problems, the more you practice solving problems. Each question has difficulty so it’s important to try lots of ways and solved it in with many tricks before tackling the exam.

Do Hard Work
Practice more and more as work hard is the key to success. Remember always that Math’s can only be answered with practice, if you go for exam after just learning the method then mostly in that case you will end up nowhere in solving the problem.

Try To Solve last Year Question Papers
Students must Solve the previous year question papers in order to know which type of questions can come in the competitive exams and solve them more as much as possible.

Apply Math to Real World Problems:
Just because as more you’ll try to apply Math to Real World Problems, it will be easy for you to approach well… Since, Math can be very theoretical sometimes so always looking for practical side will help you to change your viewpoint.

Stay Energized And Motivated:
Candidates should work with all their energy and the hidden potentials. Motivation is very much important as it helps us in making a well plan for each and everything.

Adopt A Positive Attitude
Maths generally considered as a healthy section in all competitive exams as it covers such a wide course with so many formulas to learn whether it is algebra, trigonometry or probability. You should go for these below listed two books and we advise you to use these ones:-

# RS. Agarwal Quantitative book for learning basics and solving more questions type on particular chapter.

# Use M. Tyra quicker mathematics book for learning short cut tricks and try to solve questions based on these tricks.

10 Basic Tips to excel in Quantitative Section in Competitive Exams

Moving ahead with our preparation strategy for quantitative section, let's discuss some basic maths tricks to get high scores in this section.

1. Start with the Easy Ones: Don’t go beyond your capability. It might take days to increase your level, but slow and steady wins the race. Start with the basics, start with the older, easier sums and practice them.

2. Take one step at a time: Do not try to learn everything about math in one day. For instance, for a single day, find a topic you would like to cover and become an expert on, like percentage or time and work or mensuration etc.

3. Study math from a trusted source: Searching the term Profit and loss or shortcuts for Averages on Google is not good. Find a good math book and practice from it on regular basis.

4. Don’t leave any topic unprepared: If you don't understand something, focus on mastering that topic before moving on to the next topic. It sounds simple, but it is absolutely essential. If you are having a problem with a topic, continue working with that one until you understand it and can work problems successfully.

5. Sometimes Paper-Pen is important: When beginning to work a Math problem, do not map out a path from problem-to-answer in your head before writing anything down. If you try to do too many things at one time, which is common, you will probably try to do something illegal and get into trouble. So it is better to begin by first writing down the problem.

6. Don't give up too soon: Try some practice problems. After you think you know the lesson, find a few problems with answers. Work them out and see if you get the right answer. Do not use a calculator unless you are directed to.

7. Challenge yourself: Once you can do the basics quickly and easily give yourself challenges. Stretch your abilities and aim to do the calculations as quickly and accurately as possible.

8. Got Down the Important Points: Keep a notebook with yourself where you write important points and formulas. This will assist you revisiting the most vital points and formulas on your exam day.

9. Compartmentalization of topics is very important: You must know the topics you are comfortable with -from least to most. You also need to know as to what could be the level of difficulty of questions; you can handle in an examination scenario. You should have an understanding of the level pertaining to your preparation to sail through test without much trouble.

10. Practice more and more: Try to attempt as many mock tests as possible. When you are left with handful of days to go, nothing will help you more than writing and analyzing Mock Tests. These tests will provide you with insights, such as Time Management, Selection of Questions and Topics, formulation of an effective strategy to nail the test etc.

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